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This book will protect you from the pitfalls of heartbreak and is filled with personal experiences that will jolt you back to reality!  

Have you ever wondered why your relationships are not successful? The problem could be the other person; but, have you looked in the mirror lately?
What are you struggling with right now—an illness? Anger and unforgiveness toward someone who hurt you? Trouble at your job? Worry and fear about a situation that’s out of your control? Feeling confused and trying to understand what’s happening around you? 

Do you ever wish there were simple, direct answers to life’s complicated situations?

The Bible is seen by some as a very “hard read,” however, it is a love story with history, prose, humor, survival, repentance,hope and redemption…just to name a few. 

This writer highlights those scriptures that exemplify God’s love for mankind. His willingness to forgive us and restore us to a rightful place with Him.
Inside of The Failure of Fatherhood? is the true story entitled DNA  (on page 41.) This story was performed at the Novel Writing Festival!

In some cases men step up to the plate and take responsibility in raising their children. They should be celebrated!  In other cases...

There are men who have not stepped up to the plate in raising their child or children. Is there an excuse for them? 

Can a woman raise a boy to be a man? 

Are more men becoming SAHD’s? Stay at home dad's are becoming par for the course in some households these days because they recognize the importance of being on hand to rear their child or children.
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Screenplay Reading of 
The Failure of Fatherhood?
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actor Val Cole
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Alarming and Apocalyptic things are happening with intensity around the world today, the world you live in! 

Rebellion against God 
Worship of demons
Sorceries (drugs)
Sexual immorality

It's obvious that 'something' is about to happen. 

Something Big. 
“You touched my heart when Tamar had to make a decision to marry or not to marry Sabean because she couldn’t give him his own child. I had to make that same decision, not too long ago.” “I allowed my 15 year old daughter to read your book because it was a ‘clean’ romance novel.” 

“My friend was in an abusive marriage. Your book gave her hope that she too could be a survivor!” “I can’t wait for the next book.” 

“Hey Girl, did you get my text? I finished the book! It was awesome! Already passed it on to my sister who is also a survivor not yet fully healed. Yvonne you are a great writer with a gift of healing through your words. Don’t stop doing you!” 

Hi Yvonne !

"Just wanted you to know I loved your book 'Out From the Depths of Pain.' I couldn't put it down! You are a VERY talented writer and I pray God continues to bless and use you in this journey."

Looking forward to connecting with you again. 

Sheryl (FOCUS Ministries training)

Helene and Nolan Jeremiah have a chance at restoration. Do they have the intimate connectors to help them keep their covenant to one another? Are they truly committed to each other and their witness as a married couple before God?
Marriage is hard enough, but when you have the adversary whose soul purpose is to end marriages, focus on yours, what will you do? Will you even recognize that what you're facing is a planned and pointed attack that is dipped in poison and aimed to purposely DESTROY your marriage?

Satan's job is to steal, kill, and destroy, and that's exactly what he did to Nolan and Helene's marriage. He turned them against each other using their own minds. He told them lies about each other mixed with just a smidgeon of truth causing them to attack each other with their words. He made situations appear worse than they really were so they could become enemies.  Is he doing those same things to your marriage?
Yvonne Randle
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