Yvonne Randle
Sample Chapter

“Let’s try this last game,” Elyse said.

He frowned. “Basketball? Come on Elyse, you really want to challenge me in basketball?”


“No. What type of loser are you? Are you a sore loser?”

“Ask yourself that question.” She smiled, remembering the daily basketball games she played with her brothers and sister in their driveway or at the gym.

“Okay, what are the stakes?” Camryn asked.

“Let’s see,” Elyse said rubbing her hands together in anticipation of winning. I win; you go with me to the ballet. I love the ballet.”

“And when I win, you have to kiss me.”

“Deal.” She cut her eyes sideways at him. Wait, what did I just agree to?

As she slammed the winning shot into the basket, she gloated big time. “All net…as in swoosh! Ahhhh, that felt really great! You do know that the ballet is formal attire, right? I’ve always wanted to see Misty Copeland perform. Let’s see,” she acted as if she was pondering something. “If I wear my pink dress, you can wear a pink bow tie and cumber bund to match!”

“Ugh, not pink? Umm, you know I let you win, right?”

Her eyebrows rose and her mouth formed a smirk. She put her hands on her hips and looked up at him. “Oh, really?” 

He gently took her hands from her hips and laced his fingers with hers. Locking eyes with her, he slowly drew her close for their first kiss. Afterward he licked his lips. “Mmm, that was as sweet as the cotton candy we just ate.” He reached over and gently tucked a stray spiral curl behind her ear.

Still reeling from the emotion she felt, all she could do was smile. When she found her voice, she said, “you cheated, I won the game fair and square, how did you still manage to get a kiss?”

His response was to kiss her again, this time, deeply. Their hearts raced in unison. When they drew back from each other, neither could believe the fever that one kiss set off in them. They were standing in the middle of the fairgrounds. 

Where did the time go? Camryn thought. Whatever it was that was allowing him to walk on air while they were together, finally allowed him to feel solid ground beneath his feet once again. Looking around, he noticed that the fairgrounds were almost empty. “Are you hungry?” He asked, not wanting the night to end.  Slow down, he mentally chided himself.

Chapter 4

Elyse replied with an affirmative shake of her head. That was all she could do. She wasn’t hungry but because that kiss had rocked her world, she was not ready for their night to end either. They decided on a place to eat, and met there.

They were seated across from each other at the restaurant and Camryn was tearing the napkin he’d removed from the metal holder into shreds, trying to figure out what was happening to him. “Elyse, I’m going to say something that might sound strange, but I…” he sighed then continued, “I feel…” then the words just flew from his mouth, “I am very attracted to you and I don’t understand what’s happening to me. I mean…” He was having a hard time with his feelings and his words and thoughts kept getting jumbled.

Living & Loving AGAIN dares you to believe in romance as you’ve never experienced it before! You'll realize that forgiveness is so much more than what is traditionally believed. You’ll smile and rejoice as you experience God’s redemptive power, and finally see vindication, as God serves justice. Living & Loving AGAIN is not your traditional love story.

Affluent and spiritually prosperous Elyse and Camryn Caples share a deep and satisfying love. Tragedy strikes. Cultured Judea meets street-wise, Jordan, who by virtue, is given a second chance and makes good of it by becoming an attorney. Tragedy strikes. By chance and years later, Elyse and Jordan meet after her spiral into depression and anger at God subsided, and after Jordan’s denouncing of God due to the injustices he’s faced — or was it by chance?  

Companion Workbook
This companion workbook is great for Christian education programs, singles, marrieds, young love, Christian High School or College curriculum's, those who are grieving,those who need hope, those who are home-schooled, book clubs, or even to go through with a group of friends!
“Yvonne Randle is an amazing writer! I usually have to read more than one piece of an author’s work to determine their integrity… For many people, the first book could be a fluke, but Yvonne Randle is the business!”

Wendy Peterson, M.S/ Author of: Memoirs of a Soldier’s Wife and Your Special Soldier
​​“I like the elements of mystery in the plot. The descriptions of the characters’ struggle with God and grief are dramatic. I could feel the pain, confusion, relief, and struggle when a character decided to surrender to God’s will for his/her life. Yvonne Randle has written a complex story!” 

  Alice Collins ~National Association of Black Storytellers and Hurston- Hughes Writers Ministry
“Well, she did again! This book is truly an expression of faith, trials, healing, and restoration. A must read for anyone who has lost love and faith but desires restoration!”

Dr. Dorothy J. Thomas/ Author of: On the Outside Looking In - Radio Personality/ Christian Therapist